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Sukam Inverter Shark 650 VA

Sukam Inverter Shark 650 VA

The Sukam 850 VA Shiny UPS is a power packed UPS that can bring comfort and convenience in your modern life. The Fuzzy Logic Control Technology senses the requirement of the battery and controls the charging process accordingly while it provides extra protection to your electrical appliances, thanks to its superior HCLC (High Cut/Low Cut) Technology. It is extra energy-efficient as it is endowed with the SMPS based charger with the high power factor which minimizes the amount of AC power required to charge the batteries, thereby reducing power consumption. The SMPS based charger is 25% more efficient as compared to SCR chargers and is smaller in size, generating less heat. It has extra back-up feature which means you can select between UPS mode and Wide UPS mode as per your requirement and enjoy longer back-up in comparison to other UPS systems. It has longer battery life as the Su-Kam's FLC Technology senses the exact need of the battery every time. When there is too much load on the UPS, the automatic over-load sensing system give alarm through repeated beeps allowing users to reduce the load without shutting down the system. Additional features include advanced battery management and negligible battery-water loss.

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